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Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX

Pioneer DJ, one of the leading manufacturers of Deejay equipment in the world is introducing a new controller, the DDJ-RZX flagship controller. The controller has been designed to make the most out of the rekordbox video Plus Pack that was designed for the rekordbox DJ.

The DDJ-RZX flagship controller builds on Pioneers long heritage of making the best and most innovative DJ equipment. It is a four-channel professional controller ideal for DJs that are constantly on the move, and who like to include videos in their performances.

It will be available in Canada and the United States starting from July 2016, and will come with a retail price of $2999.00. It will also come bundled with licenses for rekordbox dvs, rekordbox DJ and rekordbox video Plus Pack.

Rekordbox, a Plus Pack for rekordbox DJ, add video performance features to the rekordbox DJ performance software. Some of its features include;

  • Native video control- you can add FX videos and scratch as thought they were audio tracks
  • Transition FX-  the crossfader allows you to mix videos from two sources and also get to add up to five effects to the favorites
  • Slideshow- it allows you to build slideshows of still images on the go or in advance
  • Camera output- you can show live feed obtained from a digital camera that has been connected to your PC.

Important Features of the DDJ-RZX include;

  1. The Layout Mirrors a CDJ Set-up

Use the features got from the CDJ such as the large jog wheels to mix videos and the multi-colored tactile performance pads and audios instinctively.

The four channel controller comes with an independent sampler that allows for intuitive control of Beat Sync, Trim, and Quantize.

  • High-Quality Sound

It comes with AC inlets that allow you to hear the true sound of the tracks being played. The AC inlets are designed for a high performance and reduced cable contact resistance.

The inclusion of a 96 kHz/24-bit sound card ensures a good all round performance with the high-quality sound being produced.

  • 3 Touch Screens that Provides You With Complete Control

The presence of three- seven-inch touch screens helps you take the performance to a whole new level by making it possible to preview image and video files, trigger and release Beat FX.  Touch FX allows you to adjust your parameters by making a trace on the X and Y axes available on the display.

Deck display mode can be used to check all the track information such as key, BPM and the track titles. Also, mixer display mode can be used to view enlarged track waveforms, Hot Cue information as well as loop. Touching the screen will allow you to create instant doubles.

  • Professional Mic Section

There are two XLR combo Mic input jacks that make it possible to hear all the voices loud and clear. It is feasible to control the output by using the three bands Mic EQ, as well as four Mic FX for Reverb, V-Tune, Pitch and Echo so as to add tone and texture to each sound.

  • Extensive FX Unit

It is possible to include the following to your music tracks from external players as well as rekordbox DJ:

  • Combo FX. It allows you to control Beat FX and Sound Color FX all at the same time by utilizing the available touch screens
  • Release FX. You can exit the complex FX patterns through the selection of Back Spin, Vinyl Brake, or Echo as well as twisting the dial
  • Sound Color FX that has a Sub-Parameter Control. The studio quality sound of the DJM-900NXS2 that includes Crush, Sweep, Filter, Space, Noise and Dub Echo can be used and fined tuned using the sub-parameter control
  • Sampler Repeat. You can use it to change the overall length of a loop by simply touching the display and applying sound color FX when the rekordbox DJ sampler is in use.
  • Additional Features

Other important features include;

  • Active Censor. Intuitively make use of the Active Censor feature present in rekordbox DJ. Can be used to set in and out points as well as in the application of Echo, Vinyl Brake FX, Trans and Reverse Roll so as to disguise the use of explicit words in your playlist.
  • Bundled License Keys (Three). It comes with keys for the rekordbox dvs, rekordbox DJ, and rekordbox video
  • OSC Sampler. Oscillator sounds (four) included
  • Modern Cross Fader. The newly developed crossfader is not only durable, but it is also capable of making over ten million movements.
  • Dual USB Port. Makes it possible to easily transition between DJs
  • P-Lock Fader Cap. It locks in the fader knobs so as to prevent dropping

A protective case made from durable and lightweight materials has also been made available for DDJ-RZX. The case comes with a robust, black metal frame that is meant to keep the controller safe when you are in transit.

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The Air Jordan sneaker is probably the most popular performance basketball shoe there is. Rarely has modern culture been so impacted by an athlete as it has with Michael Jordan. The  Air Jordan 1 Retro High is favored as a collector’s item as the design is based primarily on the first shoe released by Nike under Micheal Jordan’s line.

Air Jordans, which are designed to represent superior performance and agility, are popular with fashion lovers as they are with sneaker enthusiasts. So, it comes as no surprise that the world is abuzz with positive reviews of the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE sneaker.

In particular, the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE sneaker boasts the same elements that have made the brand famous, with some changes added to the design. For instance, rather than feature the usual leather design, the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE includes some synthetic elements as well as a high top shaft to change the look and feel of the increasingly popular sneaker. Overall, you will appreciate the Air Jordan 1’s material cushioning, the lockdown, as well as the support offered.


If you are looking for a high-quality performance sneaker that will not cause you to break the bank, then you will be pleased by Air Jordan 1’ price point. Typically lower than most other models, the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE price point was designed to appeal to buyers that cannot necessarily afford the higher range countertop, which explains why it is always included in every season.


The high-top feature on the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE was integrated to make the sneaker perfect for high powered activities. As such, if you intend to wear the sneakers often, you will be pleased to know that they have been designed to give you the security you need for the physical demand that you will put the sneakers through. In addition to the high-top shaft, the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE also has a balance of full grain leather as well as nubuck upper so that your ankle can have more protection and padding.


The Air Jordan 1 Mid SE has been outfitted with the air unit rubber cupsole around the heel area to provide you with the cushioning you need. The deep flex grooves situated in the rubber outsole, as well as the pivot point, is what will really help to give you the flexibility that you require.

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Tech enthusiasts might have probably already interacted with Google Stadia but the rest of us might not know what it is. Well, Google Stadia is a streaming service that every online gaming fan will fall in love with. The app allows users to switch between downloading games, watching them and playing on a back and forth style. When you sign in to Google Stadia you are entering a space, much like where youtube and other cloud-based platforms exist. The fun part about this aspect is that it makes this app compatible with multiple devices; laptops, smart TVs, mobile phones, desktop PCs and tablets. There is also a Google Stadia controller which users can use as a display. For that individual who does not need to drown in all the tech jargon out here, let us explain the Google Stadia in three key points;

  • If you have stable and adequate internet, you can play games by login in the Google Stadia app. The app is more than a platform for watching games because users can battle it out for lead rights. The app can accommodate thousands of players at a time.
  • When you have this app, you drastically reduce the friction of modern day gaming. Everything on this app loads fast with record times of 5 seconds and less for most actions. For people who are quick to find games, the app instantly picks it up once it has been loaded. Turn on Stadia and open up the gaming scene to a new or old world. Those who love to play can carry on but those whose interest is in earning a few cool moves to spice up their gaming can watch the game as it progresses. Clearly, this app rides on the idea that gaming in the future is going to be characterized by simultaneous playing and watching.
  • The vision behind the development of this app is to converge in one place the actions of streaming, inviting friends for contests, challenging others within your network and using YouTube to land at a specific point in a game. The close integration between Google Stadia and YouTube is something that cannot be ignored.

How exactly does Google Stadia work on an actual game?

Let us take for instance the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey trailer on YouTube. Google is comprised of data centers around the world – these are pockets within the app where hardware that powers the app is stored. When the app is opened in one location, it connects to the nearest data center which in turn is connected to others across the globe. This powers the game that has been selected for playing. Using a controller or simply a combination of buttons on your keyboard, the user has access to all aspects of the game that are required for smooth play.

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The DJ mixer market is crowded with competitive offering all aimed at providing the best value. However, the Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 easily stands out due to its host of features that make it one of the best in the market. Because the mixer is the heart of any DJ rig, it is impossible its role simply cannot be overestimated.

You will be pleased to know that the Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 has been expertly crafted to offer everything that a modern digital DJ would need to succeed. An affordably priced solution that comes with great set up options, the Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 is an ideal choice for many, and it is easy to see why. Here are some of the best features of the Pioneer DJ DJM-S3:

The exterior

The Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 has a metal case construction that gives it a tough and durable exterior, which means that it has been designed to withstand the harshness of continued use. The layout of the Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 is quite simple, which is ideal for beginners or DJs that simply value minimalism in their gear. Turntablist, on the other hand, will fully appreciate the crossfader section as it is uncluttered and easy to manipulate.

The Magvel crossfader

The Magvel crossfader is one of the best and most exciting features of the Pioneer DJ DJM-S3. The Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 comes with an extremely durable Magvel crossfader capable of delivering a precise and even response. This Magvel was inherited from the DJM-900NXS2 makes scratching appear unproblematic and natural thanks to its level of responsiveness. The magvel relies on contact-free magnetic technology, which helps to explain why it is so smooth to use.

The terminals

The back-side area of the Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 features an on and off switch as well as a set of master out XLR and Phono sockets. There is also a set of line and phono inputs that have been included that you can use for your CD decks and vinyl records. The Aux input comes in handy for effects and drum machines while the ¼ inch jack microphone input and the USB port situated on the sound card can be utilized by those that have a Rekordbox.

Serato DVS Enabled

The Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 is fully Serato DVS Enabled, which means that you can utilize timecode vinyl if you want to spin using music files on any device that can run Serato DJ. Because it is Serato DVS Enabled, it also eliminates the need of buying a Serato DVS add-on, which is great news for anyone that prefers to keep things simple.

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